The Morris R. Williams Center for the Arts.

Lafayette’s Theater Department currently is housed in three locations: Pardee Hall, 248 North Third Street, and the Morris R. Williams Center for the Arts. Faculty offices and a studio theater are located at 248 North Third Street, and the Williams Center is a comprehensive facility with a 400-seat main auditorium, a flexible black-box space, scene shop, and sound design studio. Some office space and classrooms for the Theater Department also are housed in Pardee Hall. The Theater Department will be completely relocated to the new arts campus on North Third Street in 2015.

The new Lafayette College Williams Arts Campus.

These theater spaces serve as laboratories, where you can experiment in ideas and techniques. In consultation with students and colleagues across campus, the theater faculty selects a range of productions each season—classics from both western and non-western traditions, musicals, works of social criticism, avant-garde pieces, and bold new works. This broad range of material exposes you to a variety of styles and enriches the cultural life of your campus and community.