"As You Like It" by William Shakespeare: 2010. Music by BareNaked Ladies.

"The Eternal Quadrangle" by John Reed: 2008. The fiirst performance since its 1916 premiere by the Provincetown Players.

"Little Women: The Broadway Musical" by Jason Howland, Mindi Dickstein, and Allan Knee: 2009. Based on the beloved classic novel by Louisa May Alcott.

"A Thousand Cranes" by Kathryn Miller: 2010. The production, directed by Professor Mary Jo Lodge, created the impetus for the National Crane Project.

"An Enemy of the People" by Henrik Ibsen: 2010. Guest designers from New York gave this nineteenth century indictment of environmental destruction a modern and industrial look.

"Inherit the Wind" by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee: 2009. A readers' theater production to mark the 150th anniversary of the publication of "Origin of the Species" by Charles Darwin.