Theaters across the country may stand empty and still, but we do not stand silent.

The Lafayette College Theater Department – one  voice with our students, our college, our theater colleagues across the country, and with all people of conscience – abhors the systemic racism, the callous injustice, and the state-sanctioned incitement to violence that has led to the senseless deaths of our brothers and sisters, of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and Ahmaud Arbery among hundreds of others.

Like those assembled in peaceful protest in our cities, we are outraged and heartbroken.  Like artists across the ages and across the world, we consider it our duty to remain committed to social justice, and at this point in time especially to justice and equity for all people of color.  BLACK LIVES MATTER.

As we speak out for justice, we realize that we need to do a better job.  As we stand with our Black friends, colleagues, students, and audiences, we know that we have not told the stories of oppression often enough or loudly enough or well enough.  We pledge to do more; we pledge to do better.

We might think that overt and invisible acts of racism, oppression, and violence can’t happen here.  But it CAN happen here.  It HAS happened here.  And we as theater artists must create, perform, and support narratives that expose the corruption and promote the healing that theater has always staged.

Many of our colleagues in the arts have shared sites that share these values; we thank them and gratefully pass along the information below.

Fundraisers for the Families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Tony McDade

National Organizations and Efforts for the Advancement of Racial Justice

State and Local Organizations and Efforts for the Advancement of Racial Justice

Ways to Protest and Support Protestors

Bail Out Funds for Protestors Arrested for Demanding Justice

Petitions To Sign

Quick Actions

Additional Resources