The Department of Theater welcomes your original writing that we will present in an online production later in the school year. Deadlines & dates will be added soon.

The Department of Theater hopes to collaborate with members of our community to develop an online production of original work later this semester. We invite, welcome, and encourage submissions not just from students and faculty, but from support staff, administrators, grounds crew, food service workers, Public Safety officers, coaches, IT wizards, alumni, and residents of College Hill and other Easton neighborhoods. We want you to write about your experience in our uncertain world. COVID-19, the pandemic, distance learning, racism, religious intolerance, friendships, open and closed borders, global relationships, Black Lives Matter, worries of students from abroad, cabin fever: The World in 2020 from your perspective.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • What you write and submit must be original.
  • It should be able to be performed in one to five minutes.
  • Monologues are welcome; so are short scenes, poetry, and original songs.
  • You will not need to perform your work, although you may do so if you so desire.
  • Anonymous pieces are discouraged.
  • Email your submissions to as either an attachment or embedded in the message.

For more information, contact Professor Michael O’Neill at

Everyone is welcome because everyone has something valuable to share. We are in this together.