Give gals the vote and what can we expect next?

Votes for Women!
by Elizabeth Robins

September 29–30, 2018 / 2 p.m.

Ahart Plaza/Under Buck Hall
219 North 3rd Street
Easton, PA

Fallen women! Suffragettes! Christabel Pankhurst! One of the very first suffragette plays, Votes for Women! debuted 100 years ago in London, Paris, and New York. Robins, an ex-pat American actress who famously played an “unwomanly” Hedda Gabler, called her play “a dramatic tract in three acts.” Savaged by male critics, Robins founded the Actresses’ Franchise League in 1908 “ensuring that men like the Times’s critic could never again imply that suffragettes could not be glamorous.”

Free for all! No tickets required.