THTR Courses Spring 2020 PDF

THTR 107  Introduction to Theater                TR 1:15-2:30                        O’Neill

Through lectures, discussions, hands-on- experiences, master classes with visiting theater professionals, and performances outside of class, this course introduces students to significant texts, ideas, and crafts essential to the study of theater. Projects involve acting, directing, design, and theater criticism; writing assignments familiarize students with the analytic tools and accepted vocabulary of theater scholarship. [H]

THTR 120  Performance Practicum                                                               Westfall

THTR 121  Technical Practicum                                                                      Owens

THTR 130  Acting 1                                        MW 10:00-11:50                     Lodge

This workshop style course will introduce students to various fundamental techniques of acting and improvisation, with special emphasis on sensory awareness, observation, concentration, body movement and vocal development. Students will develop their imaginations and creative processes through performance situations involving improvisation, scene study and monologue work. Second semester seniors must have permission of the instructor to take the course. [H]

THTR 221  Basic Stagecraft                           MW 1:15-2:30                       Owens

An introduction to the history, theory, and practice of technical theater, focusing upon stage management, construction, painting, rigging, and electrical practices. Laboratory sessions in the theater shop and backstage assignments ensure hands-on exposure to topics discussed in class.  [H]

THTR 270  Sound Design                               MW 2:45 pm-4:00                 Ingle

This course will provide the student with an introduction to the creative process of sound design in contemporary theatre. Through lecture, demonstration, and projects, students will learn the aesthetic of sound design, the basic technology of audio software and hardware, and the process of collaboration. Students will acquire the skills to analyze and research a script; to edit, manipulate, and program sound files; and to present and defend design projects.

THTR 280.1        Speaking Power                  TR 2:45-4:00                        Wattenmaker
            280.2                                                           TR 7:00-8:15                        Wattenmaker

Intending to be a lawyer?  Public Relations in your future? Need to master the arts of persuasion?  Feeling unconfident while speaking in public?  Planning on any career in business that requires speaking with authority?  You’ll need to become proficient at rhetorical technique. This course will focus on effective speaking strategies for life and for professions, including: analyzing effective speeches; writing and delivering persuasive rhetoric; building confidence and authority; mastering argument techniques; fostering “presence” for public performances; and channeling anxiety to build focus.  [VWH]

THTR 312  Plays in Performance:                   TR 2:45-4:00                        O’Neill
                     American Theater and Film         T 7:00-9:50PM

Through reading the texts of twentieth-century American plays and analyzing their film adaptations, the course will offer approaches to understanding performance as both  an ephemeral and permanent phenomenon. The course will  give special attention to understanding the social significance of gender, sexuality, and class in hierarchical relation to one another presented on stage and in film adaptations of plays. Plays and screenings include The Children’s Hour, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Gypsy, A Raisin in the Sun, Inherit the Wind, His Girl Friday, You Can’t Take It With You, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and Long Day’s Journey Into Night. Tuesday evening screenings required. Three papers and one annotated bibliography are required. [W, GM1]

THTR 369  Theater Artists in Focus:             TR 11:00-12:15                    Lodge
                      Women and Theater  

An in-depth study of the contributions of women writers, directors, choreographers, and designers.  The Theater artists selected vary from semester to semester, and the focus will be announced during the registration period; may be repeated when offered with a different focus. [W]


THTR 372  Internship                       Instructor Signature

THTR 390  Independent Study     Instructor Signature

THTR 400  Senior Project              Department Head Signature

THTR 495  Thesis                             Department Head Signature